sometimes i play characters that make me want to rip out my heart.

characters i want

  • wedding planner/planning group based of the bride quartet girls
  • rich girl who looses everything and is bullheaded about it all and lives in a shitty little apartment and works a shitty job trying to get it all back. 
  • horse ranch owner in the deep south who is losing her place to a hotel but ends up falling for the guy who is in charge of the hotel.
  • very successful dancer who is trying to train girls ala abby lee only cuter. 
“I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.”
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287 days. that was how long it had been since finn and savannah had been in each others arms. he was anxious. they had kept in contact via letters but it wasn’t nearly he same. the paper didn’t smell like her and the words didn’t sound like her. he fell asleep every night, her letters underneath his pillow and the image of her firmly in his brain. she was his strength. what got him through the hard nights. he ached to hold her again. and he would. soon. his flight was minutes away from landing and she promised him she would meet him at the airport.

his eyes search for her as soon as he exits the plane. he walks quickly and with a purpose. and when he finally spotted her, ally by her side, and a “FINN NOLAN” sign in her hands, he lost it. tears flowed freely from his eyes. he dropped his bag in the middle of the floor, not caring if it ended up back by his side. he ran to her, taking her in his arms. he paused, looking into her beautiful brown eyes for the first time in months. “i love you so much.” he whispered, bringing his lips to her own grinning mouth. he pulled back and smiled.

he was finally home.

headcanon: the first time finn says i love you, it's in the middle of an argument. they're fighting about his friendship with mickey (again) and he's so frustrated and fed up with her feeling insecure about them and he just yells to her "I FUCKING LOVE YOU, SAVANNAH. more than i ever loved her." and thus ends the argument and cue really hot make up sex where finn whispers in her ear, "i love you" over and over again.

W O W screw you. I CANNOT. 

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